Castro Hlongwane, Caravans, Cats, Geese, Foot & Mouth and Statistics: HIV/Aids and the Struggle for the Humanisation of the African is an anonymously-authored document that was distributed to party members during the 51st National Conference of the African National Congress. The 114-page document alleges that presidential spokesperson Parks Mankahlana and AIDS/HIV icon Nkosi Johnson had died because of consumption of antiretrovirals. It was alleged that Peter Mokaba, a noted pro-AIDS reappraisal politician, had co-authored the document, even though it was written in a manner that was typical of a high-ranking leader within the party. The paper was derided by ANC member Dr. Saadiq Kariem as "ludicrous", and international criticism of the stance eventually forced Mbeki to back off from his public stance on AIDS reappraisal.

In 2007, a biography on Thabo Mbeki mentioned the author's secret contact with the president during the writing of the biography. Mbeki admitted to the authorship of the document and also confided his feelings on why he had assumed his position on AIDS and HIV in the first place.

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