Chief Albert Luthuli House, more simply known as Luthuli House, is the headquarters of the African National Congress and other subsidiary organizations.


Luthuli House is a 22-floor high-rise building. The ANC headquarters are officially located on the 7th floor, while the 6th floor houses the office of the Secretary-General.


Needs correction: often confused with Shell House (1 Plein Street), the former headquarters of the ANC. Previously known as Shell House, it was bought by the party from Royal Dutch Shell upon its unbanning and return to South African politics in 1993 for R$20,000,000. It was renamed in 1998 after Chief Albert Luthuli.


It was the site of the Shell House massacre on March 28, 1994, when the building's security guards killed 19 members of the Inkatha Freedom Party who were claimed to have been participants in a plot to raid the building.

On the afternoon of August 27, 2005, a fire broke out on the 6th floor of the building, primarily damaging the ANC's Political Education and Training Unit. Emergency personnel were successful in putting out the blaze by the evening.

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